UFO Chat Info

What is Our UFO Chat Room About ? …

1. We are not alone in the Universe. In fact, it is very busy OUT THERE with many different species of extraterrestrials. We have proof and evidence in the links down the page…

2. We are a friendly international group of researchers and experiencers, that enjoy chatting live in our UFO chat rooms, with other friendly intelligent people from all over the world.

3. Mostly we have good discussions about the proof and evidence related to UFOs, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and other related topics including Astronomy, (not Astrology), and NASA, Area51, The Disclosure Project, FBI and NSA recently released UFO documents, Project Camelot, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Kevin Smith Show, Jeff Rense Radio, Jerry Pippin UFOs on Demand, etc, etc… and we also often just relax and chit chat about the weather and interesting YouTube videos.

4. You will notice two large chat rooms next to each other. One or the other is a back-up in-case the other chat room goes off-line for a short time. Feel free to chat in both. The UFO Chat Room Links are here…
Click Here To See All Our UFO Chat Rooms.

5. So, that’s about it. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is different. Everyone relax and enjoy. πŸ™‚


The Wonderful UFO Chat Room Moderators & OPs are…
Anshara, Taru88, Jim57NASA, JoeGroomLake,
Davedini55, STahon, Orbit1111, GCXice, and Bill Gates !!! πŸ™‚



1. Project Mothership.

2. Project UFO Network.

3. Lisa Loves UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence.
And Here and Here.

4. AUYVN… Intelligence Agency.

5. Jims Space Agency.
And Here.

And… Many more !!! πŸ™‚



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  1. aliensufosvideoschat
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 01:09:20

    Best Aliens UFOs Videos Proof Evidence…




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